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Subnet 8

The Nexus of Decentralized Financial Forecasting

Subnet 8 is the flagship subnet of Taoshi within the Bittensor network, dedicated to revolutionizing the way we predict financial markets. Currently, focused exclusively on price forecasting for Bitcoin, and at the cutting edge of open-source prediction modeling, we harness the collective intelligence of data scientists and AI enthusiasts to create a robust, decentralized forecasting platform. Subnet 8 champions a transparent and merit-based ecosystem, where each contribution is pivotal in sculpting the landscape of financial forecasting. By joining Subnet 8, you contribute to a cutting-edge ecosystem that not only values your expertise, but also rewards it, through the world's largest incentivized mining pool for the prediction of financial markets.

How Subnet 8 Functions

Subnet 8 operates on a decentralized network where each miner contributes their predictive models to forecast Bitcoin's intraday price movement up to 8 hours in the future. Miner's models are validated and tested against real-world data, then scored and rewarded in $TAO based on their grade.

Why Mine on Subnet 8?

Subnet 8 is a leader and innovator in prediction of financial markets. We are redefining the landscape of predictive modeling.

The World's Largest Incentivized Mining Pool for the Prediction of Financial Markets

Subnet 8 has paid out 7.6 million dollars to miners to date, approximately $133k in incentives per day. We offer the highest incentives to data scientists and machine learning teams to contribute their best models.

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Open Source Modeling

Open Source Modeling

We are committed to transparency and collaboration, offering all our predictive modeling tools and algorithms as open source. This approach fosters trust and encourages innovation and continuous improvement from the mining community.

Intraday Bitcoin Predictions

Unlike competitors who focus solely on stock market predictions, we are pioneering the space of intraday Bitcoin price predictions. Taoshi's offerings will soon expand to include other cryptocurrencies and financial markets, paving the way for many opportunities to predict financial markets.

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Vetted Data Sources

Vetted Data Sources

Taoshi provide all miners with vetted data sources. These partner data providers give all our miners premium data sources to build their models.

Taoshi's Feature Set Creator

We've created a scalable feature engineer pipeline for all our miners. This is packaged in our product called Feature Set Creator. The infrastructure helps miners both for training and for go-live on main-net.

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The infrastructure allows miners to do the following:

  • Use pre-generated data from the vetted data sources provided by Taoshi for training.
  • Receive data from defined custom data sources that the miner can choose to use.
  • Take the data from the data sources and transform the data into features using algorithmic modeling of their choice (leveraging standardized indicators RSI, MACD, etc. or building custom ones)
  • Normalize the features into a feature set
  • Use the generated feature set for models

Ready to Predict the Future?

Feeling ready to get started? Begin your journey as a miner on Subnet 8 with our README on GitHub.Follow our guide, contribute your models, and earn rewards within 10 hours. Additionally, we recommend joining our Mining Hub on Discord, a collaborative space for novice and experienced miners.

Looking for Access to Subnet 8's Predictive Outputs?

Sign up here to be among the first to access the outputs of Subnet 8. Simply fill out the form below to express your interest, and we'll keep you informed with the latest updates and access details as soon as they're available.