Decentralized Financial Market Forecasting Through the Power of AI


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Estimated annual miner payout: $32m/yr*

*updated weekly


Taoshi is leading the Bittensor revolution. We harness the full potential of Bittensor to create dynamic and rewarding subnetworks that incentivize intelligence, revolutionizing how individuals and businesses interact with the Bittensor blockchain.

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Open Source Modeling


Bittensor is more than just a blockchain; it's the doorway to a new era of decentralized intelligence. It's a platform that celebrates innovation, creativity, and expertise. At Taoshi, we're not only leveraging this remarkable technology; we're actively constructing specialized subnetworks, such as our cutting-edge time series prediction subnetwork, on top of it. This approach empowers users to access a wide array of possibilities within the Bittensor network, tailored to their unique needs.

Our Mission

Taoshi's mission is to create an intuitive, user-friendly environment that inspires individuals and enterprises to explore, innovate, and thrive within the Bittensor ecosystem. Whether you're an AI developer, a data scientist, or an entrepreneur with a vision, our solutions serve as your gateway to a world of opportunities. At Taoshi, we're shaping the future by harnessing Bittensor to build a brighter, more decentralized world, one specialized subnetwork at a time.

Taoshi's Mission