Taoshi's Proprietary Trading Network (PTN)

Revolutionizing Proprietary Trading with Decentralized AI

Taoshi's Proprietary Trading Network (PTN) spearheads a trading revolution, merging cutting-edge decentralized technology with sophisticated trading strategies. By leveraging the power of AI and the collective intelligence of data scientists, traders, and machine learning teams, PTN offers a unique synergy of proprietary trading, decentralized AI, and quant trading signals, empowering all users to navigate financial markets confidently.

How Taoshi's Proprietary Trading Network Functions

Traders, data scientists, and machine learning teams—all of whom are 'miners'—contribute their algorithmic or manual trading signals across various financial markets, creating actionable signals for clients. These signals are available on Taoshi's Request Network, where users can purchase them based on their trading needs. This collaborative ecosystem democratizes access to high-level trading strategies and incentivizes miners through a tokenized reward system, aligning the interests of all participants.

Why Mine or Purchase Signals on Proprietary Trading Network?

Taoshi's PTN leads the industry in decentralized proprietary trading, and offers the following, unparalleled benefits for miners and users of its outputs:

For Miners

  • World's Largest Incentivized Mining Pool for Trading Signals: PTN rewards miners with $TAO for their contributions, fostering a cycle of innovation.

  • Diverse Financial Markets: Miners trade across various markets, leveraging AI to build sophisticated trading strategies.

  • Rapid Payouts: In traditional proprietary trading firms, traders often face rigorous challenges, sometimes spanning two phases. However, on PTN, miners can start receiving incentives right after their first trade.

For Signal Users

  • Access to Highly Performant Trading Signals: Purchasing PTN's outputs grants access to institutional-grade insights, empowering users to make the most informed decisions. Institutions can leverage the vast network's collective intelligence to complement existing strategies, reduce research overheads, and enhance portfolio performance.

  • Diverse Output Choices: Taoshi's Request Network provides a wide selection of PTN's outputs, allowing clients to tailor purchases to specific miners and financial markets.

  • Transparent, Easy-to-Use Marketplace: The PTN marketplace operates with full transparency, ensuring the quality and performance of trading signals are openly available, fostering trust and reliability. Payments are simple; pay in stablecoins and start utilizing signals!

Get Started: Mining on Proprietary Trading Network

Ready to contribute? Start your journey as a miner on PTN with our README on GitHub. Starting Friday, March 22, 2024, follow our guide, contribute signals, and earn rewards after closing your first trade. We also recommend joining our Community Hub on Discord, a collaborative space for miners.

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Interested in Purchasing PTN's Trading Outputs?

Retail traders and institutional clients will find PTN's outputs exceptionally valuable. With PTN, every trader and institution can optimize their trading outcomes using AI.

If you're interested in access to the full range of trading outputs generated by PTN, please stay tuned as Taoshi's Request Network is under development. We aim to release it in April 2024.

Additionally, our partners at Timeless are democratizing access to PTN’s signals from some of the top miners. This includes a signals service, where users can manually execute informed trades. To access their signal service, please visit their Twitter for more information. Timeless is also working on an auto trading service; please complete their AT Interest Form to stay in the loop!

Stay Informed

If you're a trader interested in mining on PTN, please fill out the form below for updates. We'll keep you updated on all of PTN's developments - your trading journey begins here!