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Our Esteemed Partners & Affiliates

Welcome to the dedicated space where we celebrate the collaborative spirit and shared vision that helps drive our success at Taoshi. Our partners & affiliates are integral to our journey, bringing unique strengths, insights, and innovations that enrich our offerings and empower our clients. Here, we proudly showcase the diverse network of alliances that help us redefine excellence in the trading world.

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RoundTable21 logo

RoundTable21 is a key player in providing infrastructure support and fostering open-source innovation within the Bittensor community. Taoshi is collaborating with RT21 to deliver the groundbreaking Request Network, designed to empower subnet owners by streamlining interactions between validators and clients. This initiative will introduce a marketplace dynamic to the Bittensor ecosystem, enabling seamless data transactions using stablecoins. Additionally, we commend RoundTable21 for their exceptional validator program and encourage our community to explore and support our open-source endeavors by delegating $TAO to RoundTable21.

Timeless logo

Timeless provides services designed to maximize your trading potential, directly from Taoshi’s Proprietary Trading Network. This includes a signal service, where you'll receive actionable trading signals directly from PTN, empowering you to make informed trades manually. Alternatively, Timeless is working to launch an Auto Trading Service, where they will seamlessly configure your accounts for automated trading. To access PTN’s signals, please visit Timeless' Twitter or complete their AT Interest Form to be prepared for the launch of auto trading.

LunarCrush logo

LunarCrush allows our miners to utilize social data, trends, analytics, and sentiment analysis to help train their models. Additionally, LunarCrush is providing a 30% discount to all miners who utilize their data. To learn more and to purchase their data, please visit this link.

Uphold logo

Uphold will be an integral part of Taoshi’s Request Network, as they’ll be fulfilling client orders by converting stablecoins to $TAO. Clients and users will pay validators in stablecoins through the Request Network, and validators will automatically be able to convert payments to $TAO through our partnership with Uphold.

Glassnode logo

Glassnode, a premier provider of in-depth futures and on-chain Bitcoin data, is working with Taoshi to enhance the resources available to our community. If you’re interested in reviewing historical data they’ve provided, featuring a selection of their indicators with a 1-year lookback, please visit this link; this dataset represents just a glimpse of Glassnode's extensive metrics library. Additionally, Glassnode is generously offering a favorable rate to Taoshi miners—simply visit this link and mention your affiliation with us to utilize this offer.

Dale logo

Dale is a decentralized autonomous liquidity engine that provides a seamless and secure trading experience for users. Our collaboration with Dale will enable users to access a wide range of trading pairs and liquidity pools whilst leveraging PTN’s outputs, empowering them to make informed decisions and maximize their trading potential.

Stay tuned to Dale’s Twitter to be in the loop when copy trading is launched!

Taopey Vaults logo

Taopey Vaults is an on-chain trading experiment powered by trading signals of Taoshi’s Proprietary Trading Network, and the permissionless on-chain copytrading of Perpy Finance. The experiment aims to evaluate the best signals generated by PTN in real-time. To learn more, please visit Taopey Vault’s website or Twitter.

Taopey Vaults

Interested in a Partnership with Taoshi?

Are you ready to navigate the cutting-edge intersection of decentralized AI and trading? Taoshi calls on visionary businesses and entrepreneurial spirits to join us as partners. Our collaboration will pave the way for delivering PTN's services to your clientele, fostering innovation, and spearheading growth within the Bittensor ecosystem. Embrace the opportunity to redefine trading with us. If your business is driven to integrate dAI solutions and offer unparalleled trading services, connect with us at support@taoshi.io.

Together, let's shape the future of decentralized trading.

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