Coming End of April 2024

request network

A digital marketplace, built for Bittensor

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A Hub for Decentralized Services and Data

Enter a new era of service and data exchange with the Request Network, a versatile platform built for the Bittensor ecosystem, and architected by Taoshi. The Request Network heralds a new paradigm in decentralized services, offering a dynamic marketplace that can be integrated with every subnet built on Bittensor. Whether you seek data, computational tasks, or complex analyses, the Request Network facilitates these exchanges with the trust and efficiency of stablecoin transactions.

Harnessing the Collective Capabilities of Subnets

The Request Network is your portal to the vast array of services offered by Bittensor's subnets. Each subnet is a powerhouse of specialized functions, delivering not just data, but also performing tasks that span from intricate financial modeling and predictions to the generation of AI-driven solutions. The Request Network equips users with the tools to propel innovation, research, and development across various domains.

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Fostering a Synergistic Ecosystem

At the heart of the Bittensor network is a thriving community where every participant's contribution is valued. The Request Network catalyzes a virtuous cycle within each subnet's ecosystem; miners are incentivized to offer not only data but also their computational services, while consumers access a comprehensive suite of resources to elevate their endeavors. Validators, a backbone of the Bittensor ecosystem, are remunerated with 100% of the Request Network's transactional revenue, acknowledging their critical role in maintaining network integrity and facilitating its operations.

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Ready to Integrate your Subnet with the Request Network?

Any subnet within the Bittensor ecosystem can democratize their highly valuable intelligence through the Request Network. If you’d like to integrate your subnet with the Request Network, please reach out to our team via email at - we’ll work with you to complete the integration as soon as possible!


April 2024

Core Functionality

  • Validator Onboarding
    • Endpoint Setup
  • Consumer Onboarding
    • Subnet Selection
  • Dashboard
  • Payment Relay
  • Open-Source ReqNet API

May 2024

Validator Experience Enhancements

  • Payment Relay Optimization
  • Dashboard Enhancements
    • Statistics
    • Taoshi Score
  • Consumer API
  • Documentation
  • Tutorials

June 2024

Subnet API

  • Dashboard
  • Validator Inheritance

more to come...

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How is Taoshi Using the Request Network?

Taoshi is using the Request Network to help fulfill our vision to empower traders and institutions by democratizing access to trading signals from our Proprietary Trading Network (PTN). It will act as a digital marketplace where you can select and purchase the most relevant, world-class trading signals for your strategies, tailored to your preferred asset classes and currency pairs.